How Do You Plant St. Augustine Grass?

Many Pinellas homeowners are interested in learning how to plant St. Augustine grass. They may specifically be interested in how to plant St. Augustine sod, or how to plant St. Augustine grass plugs.

In Florida, the chinch bug is a major natural threat to this grass species. Conscientious (and legal) use of fertilizer can help with weed-resistance and access to iron for brighter coloration.

There are a couple of broad installation approaches. First, plugs can be used. Second, you can opt for sod patches. Sodding is the typical method.

Sod patches

If you use sod (sometimes called “sod patches”), you will be working with turf grass that has already grown to maturity and been divided into 6-inch to 24-inch pieces.

Grass plugs

Plugs are small (usually 6 inches in diameter) segments of sod with established roots.