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Landscape design is an integration of natural, social, and aesthetic considerations. The goals of designers must be understood to meet the needs of these three perspectives. It’s particularly important to meet the natural aspect for landscaping firms that adhere to the University of Florida’s Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ (FFL) Program.

We have gone beyond promising an environmental focus to systematically building sustainability into our practices, as guided by the core principles of a program designed to protect the natural ecosystem.

Front & Backyards

You will want to carefully consider landscape in terms of the part of your yard that’s involved. For your front yard, you want a walkway that allows people to naturally move to and from the front door. Consider streetscaping to enhance curb appeal. You also may want a dramatic feature near your front door, such as an accent shrub or lamppost.

Approaching the backyard is different because it serves a different function. Rather than the entrance being the primary point of focus, your backyard will be for cookouts, relaxation, and spending outdoor time with your children and pets. Knowing how you will use your yard helps us advise how to organize softscape and hardscape components while aligning our efforts with the Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ (FFL) Program.

When you approach a garden for your yard, you want the design to express a balance of comfort and utility. In other words, you may immediately think about a garden in terms of its appearance, but you also want to be able to move through it easily and not end up overwhelmed with maintenance. The plants you select should be both captivating and functional.

To create our gardens, we incorporate the principles of the Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ (FFL) Program. Consideration of the FFL guidelines allows us to introduce an ecological conscientiousness to everything we do, so that both we and our clients can achieve sustainability.





Landscape design will essentially turn an undifferentiated outdoor area into various “rooms.” One of the most important spaces of many yards is the patio. You can create greater cohesion with a single flooring material. Another important strategy for a patio is the combination of built-in and freestanding furniture to better define its flow. You also want to properly guide the view by being careful how you organize seating areas.

Pinellas County residents and businesses choose us with confidence because we have full certifications and licenses from the FNGLA, ISA, FDACS, and PCCLB.


Often our Pinellas County clients will want to include a pool in their landscape designs. Like any other aspect of a yard, a pool should balance aesthetics with function. Functionally, you want strong sight lines to the pool since it is a major destination. You also want it to feel coherent, to blend with everything around it. The clearest way to do that is to direct the flow of traffic between it and the yard’s other focal points.

When AtRidge designs pools and other landscaping features, we follow the tenets of the Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Program to foster harmony with the environment.