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AtRidge is a certified landscape contractor. This designation is important because 3 out of 10 American homeowners are clients of at least one landscaping contractor, according to a recent National Gardening Association poll. The total yearly expenditure on these services by US households is approximately $45 billion.

AtRidge’s landscape contractors build or renovate outdoor spaces through four broad tasks: design, planning, construction, and planting.

Design – we speak with you to determine what’s needed for the outdoor space, also reviewing dimensions and environmental parameters.

Planning – we’ll pick out the materials, establish quotes, organize within your budget, and establish a systematic path forward.

Construction – we understand how to install drainage and irrigation systems, as well as how to implement elements such as terraces, walls, and patios.

Planting – To develop natural elements, we install plants and revitalize the soil so that it can better support new growth.

Find out more about our fully licensed and certified landscape contracting services by contacting us today.