AtRidge has been a landscaping and irrigation company for over 20 years. Owner, Joel Atkinson started out in college as a way to earn tuition dollars. Eventually, he decided to pursue small business ownership full-time as his little business had grown into a full-time job.

Over the years, we have spent the time to learn new things, obtain licenses and certifications in order to be leaders in this industry; knowledgeable in all things green.

We’ve learned many things, but the most reoccurring piece is this: do what you say you are going to do.

Our customer relationships are healthy because we keep our word. Our passion is to provide superior customer service and have satisfied clients.

In case you’re wondering, our name comes from our last name (Atkinson) and the word Ridge has significance.

When you are standing on the ridge, you must have faith to take the next step. We want to live lives full of faith and good will toward others.

We would love to have an opportunity to earn your business.

Irrigation Specialty License #C8417